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Creative Bangkok 2014
Creative Bangkok 2014
Creative Bangkok 2014
Creative Bangkok 2014
Creative Bangkok 2014
Creative Bangkok 2014
Of course we do! ;-) Please contact us by email  ascim.creabkk@gmail.com and we will do our best to help you!
We understand that some of you might be concerned about the current political situation in 

Thailand.  We can assure you that there is no risk to come to Thailand, there is no protest, 

no military in the street and life is as usual.  Thailand is always ready to welcome tourists 

with a friendly smile. Visitors planning to visit the kingdom need not worry about the 

country being under the administration of the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) 

as that has had no impact on Thailand’s tourism at all.  For update information feel free to 

visit the Tourism Authority of Thailand Web site: http://www.tatnews.org
We are targeting for Maximum 100 participants. We want to keep the group of participants 

relatively small to be able to create a friendly environment where everyone will have the 

opportunity to know everyone else and to build strong relationships and friendship.  We will 

select participants on a first come first serve basis, so don’t wait, you don’t want to miss the 

opportunity to attend the 2nd edition of ASCIM (Creative Bangkok)!
Of course you will! You will indeed deserve one after these 42hours of intense exposure to 

creativity and innovation! The certificate will be delivered from the Institute for Knowledge 

and Innovation Southeast Asia in partnership with Mosaic (HEC Montreal). Certificate will be 

delivered for each of the 4 events (ASCIM kickoff, ASCIM Conference, ASCIM Walkshop and 

ASCIM Workshops)
All costs associated with air transportation and hotel accommodations are the responsibility 

of the attendee. Lunch and some dinner will be covered by the conference registration fees.
The goal of this creative week is to expose participants to different approaches of creativity

in various fields and also for participants to participate in team challenges and to build 

strong relationships with other participants and with speakers. We expect a full 6 days 

immersion to have a real creative impact on you.  So we will not recommend attending 1 

day only but Yes you can register for 1 day only if you can’t attend more days.
As mentioned earlier, for many reasons we will rather have the same person attend the 6 

days but we will still accept the sharing of a registration fee with 2 employees of the same 

company, but please inform us beforehand.
It is not required but we believe that you will benefit from bringing a connected device to 

the creative week. Participants will have access to various documents online and will be able 

to contribute questions and comments in real time, etc.  If you don’t have or don’t want to 

carry any device, don’t worry, I am sure that some colleagues will have no problem sharing 

it with you.
Yes, you will have Wifi access in most of the venue locations and for sure also in your hotel.
SIM cards can be bought at any 7/11 store in Thailand but your phone might need to be 

unlocked to accept it.  Our AIS sponsor will provide you with a free SIM card as well as free 

4G Internet access during the entire week.
Yes, in fact you will also be asked to fill an online form with additional information that will

help us to better serving you all along the week.
You can pay by bank transfer, unfortunately we don’t accept Credit Card payments.
Yes. If you register and pay but are unable to attend, you can transfer your registration to a

colleague from your company. Submit all transfer requests to us.
Cancellation requests must be submitted in writing no later than 2 weeks before the event.

All cancellations made on or before that date are subject to a cancellation fee of 3,000 THB. 

There will be no refunds for cancellations received after that date. Note that if you have not 

canceled on or before  2weeks, and have an outstanding balance due, you will be invoiced 

for the full amount; any outstanding balance will be due within 30 business days of invoice 

We selected for you (and for us too!) a creative hotel for this event Beat Hotel in W District,

where ASCIM will take place . We have negotiated a special discounted price for you at the 

Beat hotel, just mention in the booking form that you will attend ASCIM and you will get our special price!

As you will notice on the program, for the Walkshop, we will leave early morning and come back late in the evening.

Since traffic is difficult in  Bangkok, we will suggest that you book a room in our selected hotel, it will make your

stay easier and much more enjoyable! Also by staying at the same hotel, you will have additional 

opportunities to socialize with the speakers and participants.
Yes, we will recommend you to do so for the reasons described earlier.
We cannot promise, but we will do our best to try to find you another participant (of the

same gender!) also looking for room sharing in order to divide the hotel accommodation 

cost. Just let us know.
Yes, we were able to negotiate that with Beat hotel
Yes, of course your companion can join you but will not be able to attend the daily activities 

without paying the registration fee, but he/she will be welcome to join our diner and social 

events (with an additional cost).
You have 2 options: 

1. Take a cab at the airport. They all use meters and the ride to the Beat Hotel will cost 

you around 500 THB ()

2. Take the Airport Rail Link (http://www.srtet.co.th/en/ ) that will take you to the 

center of the city (Phyathai BTS Station) and that will connect to the metro (BTS 

Skytrain) and you can then go towards Bearing direction and stop at Phra Khanong 

BTS station. Then W district and the hotel is at walking distance for this station. 

It is always hot in Thailand! This period of the year will be the end of the “winter” season, so 

we should not get much rain and a sunny weather with a temperature of 30 degrees Celsius 

(or more!)!
Casual. On Wednesday morning during the 6 senses walkshop, wear comfortable shoes. If 

you plan to attend the “Cirque du Soleil” Workshop, wear some sport or comfortable 

We will ask you such question in the form we will send you once you have registered. Don’t 

worry, we will make sure all dietary requirements are satisfied.
Not all Thai food is spicy and we will make sure we provide you with a variety of choices so 

you can find the best appropriate food for you.
Based on the busy schedule you will not have time to do so during the 6 days, but you will 

have time before and after.  During the week we will travel to various places in Bangkok, this 

will give you a good overview of the city. We will also have a Walkshop on Wednesday 

morning in the old city of Bangkok that will also be a nice way to visit while discovery the 

hidden creative secrets of Bangkok.
It is easy to travel in Thailand. There are many low cost airlines that will take you in 1 hour 

to the South or North of Bangkok at a very low price. You might want to check airlines, like 

Bangkok Airways, Air Asia, Nok Air, etc.